Spa Removal – Hot Tub Removal

Reasons for spa removal and general junk removal

Now is the time to clear away all that unwanted junk from your home and property.  “Junk” makes the perfect breeding ground for unwanted pests, including spiders and roaches and rats … Oh My!

BE JUNK FREE can help you be pest free, rodent free, and best of all junk free!!!

Have you ever wondered how to remove a hot tub? If you have an old spa sitting around, this can be a recipe for mosquito soup!  Our hot tub removal service will haul away that old spa and all its parts. Reclaim your space!  Be Junk Free offers affordable spa removal services, and many other junk removal services.

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spa-removal-in-visalia-before-removalspa removal in visalia after removal




Tammy TashjianSpa Removal – Hot Tub Removal