The Scary Secrets Your Junk Pile is Hiding

Spiders, roaches, and rodents, oh my! You may not realize it, but that junk pile that’s been piling up in the corner of your garage or out in the backyard is an open invitation for things like rats, black widow spiders, termites and other dangerous or destructive pests to take up residence. If you want to keep these creepy critters from invading your property, you’ve got to do all that you can to make it less appealing to them. Even if it means hiring a junk removal company to help you finally get rid of those mountains and piles of junk you had no idea what to do with.

Piles of junk and lots of clutter in attics, basements, backyards and garages make very inviting homes for insects, rodents and even larger animals such as skunks or opossums. In addition to providing an attractive space to build nests, the accumulation of moisture in this pile of junk also contributes to your pest problem by giving rats, mice, insects, mosquitoes and other home-invading pests the water they need to survive. In fact, one of the worst offenders are old spas. Lots of space plus lots of moisture practically guarantees something will move in that you don’t want to live near you.

For homes and businesses, a whole massive pile of junk and clutter filled with pests like these is not only unsightly, it can be downright dangerous. Naturally curious children can find themselves confronting things that bite or sting. And adults can be harmed as well.

If you’re overwhelmed by your clutter and junk pile, there’s a solution that’s quick, easy and budget-friendly. BE JUNK FREE can help you be pest free, rodent free, and best of all junk free!!!

We are a family-owned, licensed, bonded and insured junk hauling company that offers efficient, safe and eco-friendly junk disposal service for home and business owners in Visalia, Exeter, Lindsay, Porterville, Tulare, Hanford, Lemoore and the surrounding areas. By using our services, you don’t need to worry about pickup or disposal of your junk pile – or dealing with the creepy critters that might come out for your property clean out project. We can be there when you’re ready to start and make short work of a task that could take hours to accomplish on your own.

So, now get ready to part your ways with your old sofa bed, mattress, bed frame, and other dust-filled furniture. But, for now, you can get rid of full bags full of garbage, piles of paper, and different piles of junk that you have been meaning to get rid of all this time; Hire a professional junk pile removal company to help you with junk removal, as soon as possible! Our Junk removal services may also include de-cluttering your garbage, breaking down boxes, and loading vehicles with junk to be removed.

Our team of expert professionals not only removes all your pile of junk but can also specify if you want it taken to the dumpster, dump, to a donation location, or other destination. You can finally sigh with relief that your pile of junk is finally gone, for we have the skills, tools, and know precisely how to help you take care of your junk removal project efficiently.

Whether you need our services for one load or many, we’ll help you tackle your mess and get rid of that junk pile of clutter in one fell swoop, letting you enjoy the feeling of finally checking those chores you’ve been dreading off your list. No matter what kind of junk pile you need to get rid of, our junk haulers will work with you to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for getting your home cleaned and clutter-free in no time. Contact us, or just give us a call at (559) 786-0937, we’re here to help.